Corporate Manager


Company accounts

For companies wanting to streamline their drivers’ compliance, a Logmaster Pro account is your go-to option. Logmaster Pro is perfect for rideshares and other booking service providers who want to maintain compliance across the board for large numbers of drivers.

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Compliance reporting

Receive mass reporting of driver compliance statuses for drivers linked to your organisation.

Multiple driver accounts

Easily maintain subscriptions for large numbers of drivers linked to your organisation.

Automation for fatigue management

Automates the recording and sharing of fatigue management compliance requirements, making it easy to ensure compliance for multiple drivers.

Incident reporting

Receive and process incident reports in real time.

Transparency of actual work time

Real-time access to records of hours worked, break times and rest times to ensure transparency of drivers.

Cloud data storage

Companies can set up a framework according to unique compliance specifications.

Custom modifications for corporate accounts

Companies can set up a framework according to unique compliance specifications

Expiry dates

Stay on top of expiry dates of important documents so you can ensure that reminders are set, and renewals are processed on time.

Driver compliance management integrations

Let us know if your fatigue management plans have industry specific requirements.