Logmaster Australia App release 1.3.1 – Speed Improvements

Logmaster Version 1.3.1 Release Notification

We’re pleased to announce the release of Logmaster Version 1.3.1, now available in stores.

Release Notes:

  • Dashboard Speed Improvement: Experience faster loading times for the dashboard.
  • Reduced Statistics Calculation: Enjoy improved speed with minimized calculation of statistics.
  • Improved Work/Rest Button press processing: Smoother operation with improved processing for button presses.
  • Resolved Constant Sync Issue: We’ve fixed the persistent sync problem.
  • Expanded Breach Notification Data: the app is now able to send more information to the portal for future reporting improvements.
  • Text Updates: Clarifications added to the help hints page post sign-off and lock events.

Over the past month, Logmaster has released a series of updates in response to feedback from our growing user base. With thousands of drivers and devices now in use, this feedback has been invaluable in fine-tuning our system for better overall performance, addressing specific instances where improvement was needed.


Most of the issues reported recently stemmed from the processing load on specific devices or accounts, especially as data within accounts continues to grow. Loading of screens required heavy calculations for certain accounts, leading to performance issues. Overall, each update was helpful to an increasing number of users.


Version 1.3.1 addresses load speed by reducing the necessary calculations to load screens by approximately 66%. Alongside various minor fixes and improvements, this version has significantly boosted performance in testing. Real-world testing was conducted across different signal environments and device specifications to ensure reliability.


We encourage drivers with suggestions or who encounter unexpected app behaviour to reach out to Logmaster Support. Your feedback is instrumental in identifying areas for improvement.


Moving forward, we will revert to a monthly release cycle for fully tested new features and improvements. Performance enhancements and minor fixes may be released as often as weekly to ensure ongoing optimization.