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Choosing a phone or tablet

Choosing a phone or tablet

Logmaster is approved by the NHVR on most devices

Logmaster is approved by the NHVR on most devices, provided they meet the minimum specifications.

This guide will help you decide if your phone or tablet is the best choice for using Logmaster.

Test by installing the App

The first choice of phone or tablet should be… the one you have right now! To see if Logmaster is compatible with your device, try going to the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store. Search for Logmaster Australia and Install the app.  If successful, your app is compatible. If not, it will tell you.

Settings set to Auto

To stay compliant, Logmaster is going to require your timezone and clock settings to be on automatic. You will need Location on, with no location tampering apps present on the device.

Read the Device Specifications

A faster chip will help the app calculate and open up new screens quicker.

More memory and less other apps open at the same time will help the app to perform especially when there is no network signal.

A good network provider will allow signal more often in Australia meaning your logbook will be synched to your account in the cloud server more often.

Would you like to run Logmaster on a new device or one you can’t test on? Check if your preferred device meets these minimum requirements:

  • Android 7.0+
  • OR
  • iOS 12.5.5+>
  • RAM 3GB
  • CPU 1GHz
  • Storage 1GB
  • Device Must Have GPS
  • Device Must Have SIM card or eSIM
  • 6 inches minimum screen size – (Pending with NHVR) to be possibly announced as requirement in the future.

Also recommended is that the device does connect to the phone network. Otherwise, you will need a secondary wifi source which can slow things down.

Are you purchasing a new device? Avoid these ones for Logmaster:

Low spec iPads – some of these come without GPS or Sim card slots, you might end up with a device that wont load Logmaster if you haven’t checked.

iPhone 11, 12, 13 – sometimes we hear that these devices are slow to use in low network signal areas. Logmaster does handle low and no-network situations but these models have hardware that doesn’t do it well for the purpose.

Oppo phones. Sorry Oppo, not saying there’s anything wrong with you but we more often hear from Oppo users on the support line.

Hotspotting.If you have a 2nd device and you want to run it off your phone’s wifi, this will work but be aware that the data sync is indirect and the device you’re using may slow down in low s

If you buy a dedicated device for driving
Nothing beats a dedicated device so think about whether you want to be using the same phone as for all your other activities, or whether you still want to buy a separate tablet or phone for your Logmaster operation.

If you would prefer to have a dedicated tablet to run your Logmaster system check out our range of truck tablet bundles here. (They all come with a powered cradle and a RAM mount for installation. https://logmaster.com.au/tablets-truck-mounts/


Do you have further questions? Give us a call or send your question and device brand / model to support@logmaster.com.au