Visitors to Premises Policy


To provide instruction and guidelines for all visitors to LogMaster Australia Premises to ensure privacy and confidentiality of our premises and property.


All Logmaster Australia personnel and any visitor attending the LogMaster premises at any location.


Safety and security of Logmaster Australia premises and property.



Only visitors with a legitimate supportive, educational or business purpose are allowed into the Logmaster Australia premises.

All visitors must seek permission and authorisation through the General Manager or their delegated staff members prior to being present and must provide credentials/identification to the manager or delegated staff member.

All visitors must phone or email the day prior to their attendance to confirm they are required or invited.

Once approval has been obtained, documentation of visitors’ arrival and departure time must be recorded in the Visitor’s Register which is located at the department reception.

 All visitors must obtain and wear at all times a visitor identity badge which will be given at the reception when signing in.

The visitors register will be used in the event of an emergency (e.g. fire, evacuation) to assist in accounting for all personnel who may be in the services environment. 

All personnel present in the Logmaster Australia premises must be made aware of the visitor. A staff member will be nominated to direct that visitor while in the business only areas or offices.

Where possible, visitors must be kept to a minimum. If multiple visitors are requested, the General Manager must determine the limit to those considered as essential for the purpose of the visit.

Visitors who are involved in the direct support of LogMaster technology must maintain the Logmaster Australia clients right to privacy and confidentiality at all times. 

All visitors and personnel shall comply with the Logmaster Covid-19 safety plan.

THIS IS MANDATORY WHERE MEDIA IS INVOLVED Medial personnel and clients requesting the attendance of media personnel for promotional purposes must seek appropriate authorisation from the Executive of Logmaster Australia 

Any staff member who is or may be exposed to media coverage, regardless of whether they can be identified, must have “Consent Form for Media” obtained.

Appropriate business attire must be worn by all visitors into the ‘Technical Zone i.e. areas within Logmaster Australia service activity

All visitors to the Logmaster Australia areas must abide by all fire and  work health and safety (WHS, 2011) requirements as applicable to the procedural environment. 

All visitors shall respect public health orders as and when required, such as face masks or social distancing or limitation to visitor numbers.  

This includes, but is not limited to, wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and adherence to Standard Precautions when necessary or indicated. Masks and eye protection must be worn at all times by visitors even if observation is at a distance or involving a minimal approach.

Visitors must be accompanied or supervised by a nominated staff member at all times to ensure their safety and the safety of others. Logmaster Australia staff members are authorised to request a visitor leave the department at any time if they believe there has been a breach in policy and procedures, code of conduct or they feel it is no longer necessary or appropriate for the visitor to remain in the area.

Technicians/Service Personnel or Contractors

Technical and Service appointments may be necessary within scheduled business hours or outside schedules business hours of each department within the Logmaster Australia technical area. In the event that a technical or service appointment is necessary, these shall be booked via the General Manager.

If the appointment is required within the schedule business hours of the technical department, a delegated representative is responsible for ensuring they adhere to the visitors’ guidelines asset out in this policy. If the scheduled work is necessary to be conducted outside the scheduled business hours of the department, then the General Manager shall liaise with staff informing them of the scheduled work, expected staff numbers undertaking the work, estimated length of time work is expected to be conducted and organise security either on site or by electronic communication to access to the required area of work.