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The Drivers first choice! The easiest way to stay compiant.

  • Log all shift data including start, stop, rest break and finish times. Create, Correct, then Confirm all entries.
  • Real-time alerts for managing breaks makes counting time easier.
  • No tracking – Logmaster does not continue tracking after you start work or rest. It can’t see what else you do.
  • Logmaster does not share your data without your permission.
  • Logmaster does not record a breach unless you sign it off at End of Day like a paper diary.
  • Edit capability for all new diary entries before signing off.
  • Schedule Logmaster to send your logbook to your employer or client by email. Or your company can link up.
  • View your working activity, records and historical data from the app or web portal.
  • Share or send your logs to multiple companies.
  • Easier to use and get started with in your own phone or tablet, or a device provided by the company.
  • Roadside inspections can be quicker than paper. shows only the last 28 days.
  • Logmaster rounds off time to the minute, not in fifteen minute blocks. It carries forward unused minutes in the day.
  •  Log all shift data including start, stop, rest breaks.
  • GPS location data auto-fills suburb for accuracy of records.
  • Real-time alerts for managing breaks ensures fatigue compliance.
  • Enough automation to make a big difference to how accurate your logbook is.
  • Optional in-app driver fitness declarations and pre-start vehicle inspections appear to the driver at the right moment in the day as part of his work flow. These arrive to the record keeper in real-time and are exportable as PDF.
  • View your working activity, records and historical data from the app or web portal.

Pre-paid day access for solo drivers

If you don't drive more than 100kms away from your base very often and still want to switch to an electronic work diary - we have a solution for you too. Pre-paid day access packs can be purchased. That way you don't have to pay for a monthly recurring access fee, you can estimate how many days over the next 12 months you will need to drive more than 100kms from base and use the EWD only on those days. Pre-paid day access packs come in 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 day packs. Sign up for one of these packs and you will have 12 months to use your included days.

No more paper diary drop offs

Do away with messy and cumbersome paper diaries and pre-start declaration forms by doing it all on a simple to use app for your phone or tablet. We made it quick and simple to use. Gone are the days of losing your diary or spilling coffee on it and we guarantee you there won’t be spelling mistakes or illegible handwriting. Save time and effort by beaming your diary info straight to the office over the cloud. No more diary drop offs to the office.

Digital pre-start declarations

Complete your driver fitness declaration and vehicle pre-start check all from your phone. What is required to be filled out and when based on your diary. We even include hazard and incident reporting forms inside the app so you won’t ever need a pen handy for compliance in your truck again.