Work & Rest Rules

The Heavy Vehicle National Law sets three work and rest options.

These apply in all states except WA and NT. Logmaster Fatigue plan options in NHVR mode include:


Standard Bus

Standard Two up


BFM Two up

Exemptions for concrete agitator and livestock transport vehicle drivers


NHVR Fatigue Reference Card

Western Australia Fatigue plans #

WA regulates fatigue through its Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) legislation. The WA regime focuses on non-work rest time which by default leaves time available for work. Although work diaries are not required there is a requirement to maintain a work/driving record. Logmaster provides for WA users the fatigue plans and format that meet WA requirements:

14 Day Solo Plan

28 Day Solo Plan

7 Day 2-Up Plan

48hr 2-Up Plan

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