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Billing Options

Billing Options

Logmaster Providers resell Logmaster products to the transport industry

Logmaster Providers use the Logmaster platform to provide Logmaster products to their customers. Billing can include several sets of options:

  • Direct Credit Card withdrawal via Logmaster
  • Invoicing from the provider to their customer
  • Priced as Monthly or Annual Upfront pricing options
  • Driver-only account (credit card only) or Business to Business, which invites drivers to link (credit card or invoice)


Because businesses need a connection to the driver to receive the logbook and other information such as forms, businesses subscribe ‘per seat’. Driver only accounts can also email their logbook as a pdf to email recipients in the situation where their associated business does not have a portal account.
So, connected businesses can either:

  • Pay for the connection to the driver account.
  • Link for free to an account which the driver has already subscribed on a driver-only account.


If you are a driver or a business, using credit card withdrawal as the basis for payment and you wish to make adjustments, sign in to logmaster.au and go to the billing section.

Logmaster Support can assist drivers and businesses

Logmaster Support can assist drivers and businesses to locate the Billing section of the portal in logmaster.au to make changes and updates.

If you are a business using Logmaster with invoice or other payment means, contact your provider to discuss billing matters.

For pricing questions, call a Logmaster Provider, fill in an enquiry form on the website or Logmaster support can give you guidance on (02) 8488 7872


Why isn’t there pricing on the website?

Logmaster is provided by the best businesses in the industry to meet the wide variety of needs. Some providers like to include their own services and products. Logmaster providers can price your ideal solution. If you are already familiar with a Logmaster provider, ask them for pricing or we can help you find the best options.