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Mass Compliance

Heavy Vehicle Chain of responsibility companies and their drivers to ensure and report that vehicles are not loaded above their Mass limits. The total of information is not simple but Logmaster has put the process in one place.

With our Mass Compliance module, record keepers and drivers will be able to create mass trips. The driver can then report the mass loaded on each trip and the record keeper receives that information in their management portal.

With the Mass Compliance module, record keepers can:

  • View reports for mass measurements reported by drivers per trip, per vehicle
  • View reports for mass measurements reported by drivers per trip, per driver
  • Create trips with vehicle configuration and maximum mass to be sent to drivers
  • Bulk create trips to a list of drivers
  • See alerts for trips which were recorded by drivers as over mass limits

With the Mass Compliance module, record keepers can:

  • View and complete trips provided by their record keeper
  • Record mass measurements and attach weigh bridge receipts
  • Create trips to be recorded independently
  • If a driver locks in a breach, your record keeper will be notified
  • View related details in the simplified report or compliance report
  • Associate responsibilities with triggers on the platform, so the right users get the right information
  • Link users to roles and responsibilities to manage platform compliance

  • Make sure you have users in each role required per site

  • Detail your investigations within the platform for any fatigue related incidents
  • Raise to non-conformances from an investigation to keep track of all compliance non-conformance management
  • Manage your performance management on your non conformances
  • Manage Drivers access to your certification

  • Auto generate driver documents to the mobile for the driver

  • Driver Document Management

    • Record Keeper and Driver can upload required documents

      • Medical

      • Training

      • Induction

    • Expiry notifications

  • AFM rules Builder – Coming Soon

    • Build your AFM rules in the portal and deploy direct to the app

    • AFM Rules in an hour

  • Customise checklists

    • Pre-Start

    • Vehicle Check

    • Incidents

    • Hazards

    • Defects

    • Infringements

  • Trigger responsibilities from form inputs

  • Available mobile and web

  • Link document files such as OneDrive through to your drivers via the app