Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but check the rules and keep your paper logbook for at least 28 days during your transition from written diary to EWD.

Yes, the app sends all records and entries to the office record keeper.

Logmaster automatically picks up the entries from other approved EWD systems over the internet and completes your logbook entries.

Yes, driver compliance reporting is included with the base EWD system. For further reporting functions you may wish to look at the Fatigue Compliance additional module.

You will only have to buy a new device if your current device doesn’t meet the systems minimum requirements. All you need to do is download Logmaster Australia app from Apple or Android app stores and if you are able to load the app and get to the login screen, your device is compatible. Alternatively check your device operating system. Devices running Android 7 and iOS 12.5.5 or newer are compatible.

No, before you hand them the device you will tap on compliance in the menu. This will put the app into inspection mode where the officer is limited to inspecting. The driver log entry area is password protected.

Logmaster provides rest break alerts and breach notifications. The system does the calculations and time keeping for you.

Logmaster works even if you have no network connection. The system collects your inputs in the device and automatically uploads your entries when you come back into a network service area.

When you select the business profile you are driving for, the system will automatically start using your base time zone.

Yes. Logmaster uses GPS to find the exact location of where logbook entries were made.

Yes, but you need to enter your odometer readings manually the same as what is required with paper logbooks.

Yes, Logmaster detects fake locations, time tampers and jailbroken or rooted devices.

Standard solo, standard two up, BFM solo and BFM two up, bus and AFM will be compatible soon.

Yes, you will need to keep it with you in your vehicle but you don’t have to fill it out if you are using Logmster. You only need to keep the paper diary in the vehicle with you for the first 28 days after starting to use Logmaster. Be sure to contact the NHVR to cancel your remaining work diary pages.

Yes, Logmaster app has countdown clocks, stats and alerts

Yes, you can make manual edits to your entries before you submit your days activities. The system keeps an audit trail showing details of your initial entry and each edit you make.

The app will remind you to confirm your recent entries at the end of the day or the next time you sign in.

Logmaster alerts you before you confirm an entry that breaks the fatigue rules and causes a breach.

Police and transport authorities are trained to use NHVR certified EWD’s to check logs. The Logmaster system facilitates and displays all the same information that the paper written work diary does.

No, only the businesses that you have actually linked with on the system will have access to your records.

If you select another fatigue plan, Logmaster will calculate for breaches on both rule sets.

Yes. You can get all the benefits of an EWD on a single user Logmaster solo driver account.

Logmaster works for contractors too. They can accept your link request and provide your business with their data. As long as they have a Logmaster account and you have a Logmaster account, you don’t have to pay to access their log data.

Yes. Your office can manually enter paper logs into the Logmaster system when its preferred, you will then get the reporting features and breach detection for not only your EWD drivers, but also your paper diary drivers too.

Yes. Logmaster can share your information directly with your auditor, this makes audits much easier to complete.

Standard driver fitness declaration and vehicle pre-start checklist are included in the base EWD system. Custom forms is one of the additional features available in the Fatigue Compliance add-on module.

Yes. Logmaster has an exemption feature as standard. When you set up your vehicle as a concrete agitator or livestock vehicle, these will be applied.

Yes. Logmaster has custom subscriptions that work like a pre-paid mobile phone. You can purchase access to the system in blocks of days. 1 / 5 / 10 / 25 and 50 day access packs are available.