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Logmaster Australia App release 1.3.5

Logmaster Version 1.3.5 Release Notification

Release Notes:

  • Feature: Update: Hide Update App popups for MDM controlled devices.
  • Feature: Reminder: Apple iOS device restrictions will be enforced before August 1. (Some low spec apple device will no longer be able to login after August 1)
  • Feature: Added Odometer/Speed alerts popup with courtesy message in fine print. Drivers will know the alert is not recorded and is a courtesy only.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where Apple iOS displayed the splash screen after app refresh.
  • Fix: Addressed wrong time breach issue with BFM 2UP.
  • Fix: Corrected display issue with “appear on top” showing wrong rest sometimes.
  • Fix: Resolved Standard Bus breaches occasional issue.
  • Fix: Mass form now updates correctly per the business.
  • Fix: Conflict button now shows “undefined complete work” message correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed issues with creating Vehicles popups.