Introducing Logmaster

Logmaster is a technology company that specialises in solutions for safety data creation, reporting, business compliance and automation. We provide cloud-based software as a service and mobile application-based solutions for businesses from one to thousands of users and we build custom automation for businesses with a specific sets of needs. Contact us to discuss if our pre-built systems will suit you or how we can customise from our existing platform components.

Intuitive Features

Logmaster provides you with the tools you need to ensure your record-keeping is detailed, accurate, and easy to access.

Intelligent timekeeping

Logmaster tracks and shares your up-to-date data, so you’re able to work without worrying about logging your time or whereabouts.

Easy access

Log into your personal portal any time to access documentation and view past and current logs.


Logmaster will GPS location tag each activity entry in your log so you can save time finding addresses to record your location.

Log your work and driving hours

No more annoying paperwork or logbooks! Logmaster will log all of your working and driving activity and store the data electronically. A must for managing your fatigue compliance requirements


Our smart checklist feature enables you to record your vehicle condition and maintenance checks before and after each driving shift.

Breaks and rest time calculation

Log your breaks so they can be automatically deducted from your total work hours, and keep track of rest times.

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