Power-up your compliance with chain of responsibility automation

Join thousands of drivers and trucking companies in saving time and preventing costly logbook errors.

A better way to show compliance with HVNL. Check or digitise and replace NHVR and WAHVA logbooks, checklists, forms and compliance reporting. The best telematics and consulting companies recommend and provide Logmaster.

See why Logmaster is the first choice for Australian truckies and transport companies

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Safe, successful transport companies are moving away from paper logbooks and onto Logmaster...

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Logmaster Mobile App

The Logmaster mobile app has been built for drivers.

The Logmaster mobile app is certified and approved for use on all Android and Apple smartphones and tablets running recent and current software. (Android 7+ and iOS 12.5.5 to be exact)

The Logmaster app removes the need to carry a paper work diary and allows operational efficiencies in transmitting driver work and rest information to company record keepers in real-time. Daily required tasks such as driver fitness declarations and vehicle maintenance checks are also automated with intuitive forms you can complete with just a few taps.

The Logmaster App does not track your movement or share your data without your permission. GPS is used at the time you make a work or rest event.

Logmaster Web Portal

The Logmaster web portal has been designed to show you at a glance the state of your fleet.

Use the data to help schedule your work and ensure your drivers are not going to breach NHVAS rules. Shortcuts on the dashboard will help you save time and focus on what needs your attention first.

Why choose Logmaster?

We listened and created what the industry was asking for.

A substantial amount of industry research was done while planning and developing the Logmaster system. Our team met with transport business operators, compliance managers, safety officers, truck drivers and transport schedulers and listened to what was missing from their systems. Our aim was to develop the gold standard compliance system for the transport industry. We then aligned with transport compliance tech industry authorities on the best way to produce what was required. After demonstrating our platform to the industry, we believe we have achieved what we set out to make - the transport compliance system that ticks all the boxes. Request a demonstration from any of our distributors to see what a platform that has been custom built for the industry looks like.

Works in real-time. Your office compliance team will see your entries as soon as they are made

Approved for use on Android and Apple smartphones and tablets

National coverage - for use in all states

Digital driver fitness declaration

Digital vehicle pre-start checklist

Digital Reporting

Signature on device for declarations

Safety officer web portal for easy reporting

Does not require any hardware to operate - just a smartphone or tablet

Licence and registration expiry alerts

Smart rest break notifications and alerts

Incident reporting system

Supports sub-contractors and drivers who work for multiple companies

Paper workbook log entry system for breach detection of non EWD user data

Automatic offline mode allows the system to function perfectly while the vehicle is out of network coverage

Fatigue management

Custom form builder