Logmaster Australia App release 1.2.13

15/02/2023 Logmaster Development Team are announcing the latest update to Logmaster Australia 1.2.13, available in the stores now.

Drivers will note that the app is running faster and more responsively. In addition these improvements: 

– Biometrics. Drivers can now enable Biometrics and use the same settings from their phone such as fingerprint and on some devices, facial recognition to quickly sign in and do authorisations instead of using a Password. Logmaster itself does not store biometric information about drivers, it is using what is already in the personally owned device. This approach will not work for shared company devices.

– Work and Rest Flow update to improve speed and responsiveness. Logmaster is now quicker and more snappy to use when creating work and rest events.

– Better statistics estimates for 24hr and night rest requirement. Logmaster is running the calculations for predicting rest requirements better to give more accurate prediction.

– Low latency and ios fix for login screen. Two of our favourite new drivers reported slow performance signing in when network signal is very low, this has been fixed.

– Dark mode compliance text rendering issue resolved. The way that text is displayed in compliance mode has been improved.

– Adding vehicles has been improved.