How to make Business and Driver mixed users on the same email for signing in.

Sometimes a Driver wants to use the portal for the business, or a business user now wants to drive. Each addition has a process:

Business user to become a driver

Business user signs in to the portal

See the double arrow up the top? Click it!

There will be a dropdown with an option to create a driver Profile. Once this is done, it will become a profile switching Button for the portal and the same email will become useful for the driving app.

Note: Before this is done, the business user email will not be any good when logging in to the driver app because the profile will be incomplete.

Driver to become a business user

This can only be done by a business user with admin privileges.

  • Open the driver list
  • Find your driver
  • Click the 3 dots to the right
  • Select ‘Create Profile’

This will enable the driver to become a business user and to be able to use the same switch button to toggle between driver account and business account in the portal.

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