How to successfully roll out new Technology in your company

We’ve had the chance to hear about experience rolling out new technology to fleets with Tom Mueller at Oak Harbour Freight Lines. The salient points might be helpful for fleet managers who have found a new solution and want to ensure organisational level success. Tom really emphasised that once a good new tech solution has been identified, it’s the people who will be using it that need to be given careful consideration.

1. Launch an internal PR campaign:

  • Start communicating about the upcoming change as soon as the decision is made.
  • Be transparent about the company’s goals with this change and avoid giving the impression of hiding anything from employees.


2. Clearly define limits and capabilities:

  • Make sure employees understand what the new technology can and cannot do.
  • Emphasize the safety benefits and explain how the technology enhances compliance with regulations.


3. Address resistance:

  • Expect some resistance initially, but focus on winning over advocates who see the benefits of the new tech.
  • Involve employees at all levels in the process to ensure their concerns are heard and addressed.


4. Provide comprehensive training:

  • Offer introductory training initially and provide further training as needed, especially for those come up early in the program as needing help.
  • Ensure that training materials highlight the benefits and improvements brought about by the new technology.


5. Seamless integration:

  • Choose technology that integrates smoothly with existing solutions to facilitate a smoother rollout.
  • Prepare administrative and compliance staff for a shift towards more high-level, meaningful work post-implementation.


6. Consistent communication:

  • Implement a consistent communication campaign across the company to prevent misunderstandings and conflicting interpretations.
  • Highlight the overall reduction in costs and operational improvements brought about by the new technology.


7. Recognition and incentives:

  • Consider implementing gamification to recognize and reward employees who embrace the new technology and demonstrate its benefits.
  • Shift focus from catching offenders to rewarding and providing assistance, fostering a more positive attitude towards the change.


8. Data management and privacy:

  • Clearly communicate data retention policies and access limitations to address privacy concerns and improve acceptance.
  • Plan for the possibility of using new data for training and defense purposes.


9. Encourage proactive use:

  • Empower users to proactively use the new technology to defend themselves, generating proof of good conduct in case of disputes.
  • Identify and leverage early adopters as thought leaders to help drive acceptance among their peers.


By following these strategies and fostering a culture of openness, communication, and recognition, your company can successfully navigate the challenges of rolling out new technology and reap its benefits in the long run.

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