The Logmaster Australia app for drivers is available on Android and iOS.

The Logmaster Australia app for drivers is available on Android and iOS.

Logmaster was approved by the NHVR as ‘device agnostic’. This was a new kind of approval which did not limit to specific devices. The reason Logmaster did this was to enable more drivers to access the app on their existing devices. We didn’t want using Logmaster to require buying a specific piece of equipment, as much as possible. So, the combination of the Logmaster app plus an approved device equals an accredited Electronic Work Diary.

‘Device Agnostic’ means the accreditation is not limited to specific devices.  Instead it is limited to a set of minimum specifications:

  • Android 7.0+
  • iOS 12.5.5+
  • RAM 3GB
  • CPU 1GHz
  • Storage 1GB
  • Device Must Have GPS
  • 6 inches minimum screen size – (Pending with NHVR) to be possibly announced in the future.


Also recommended is that the device does connect to the phone network, so you do not need a secondary wifi source. 

The Logmaster minimum specification covers most modern devices including phones and tablets. The app will auto adjust to fit the screen size. If it looks out of proportion, check to see if the device has been set to display extra large size in settings. 

These specification minimums are built into the store listings. The device that you wish to use for Logmaster must meet these requirements in order to allow installing of the app. To test your device specifications, try downloading the Logmaster app from either Google Play Store or the App Store on iOS.

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