What does “100% Partner provided” mean?

Logmaster builds regulatory compliance products to empower transport professionals, by creating the most powerful and easy-to-use transport compliance tools for our industry. In short, our business model relies on our provider partners and, ultimately, their success in serving their transport customers.


Since our focus is not split between any direct customers and partners, we’re able to build and deploy platform tools that increase partners’ success in the transport industry. This is the best way to put Logmaster into the hands of the majority of drivers in the ANZ region.


Here are some areas in which our partner-only focus shines and why it should matter to you.


Product Features

Transport Compliance can be complicated. Our platform is built with tools to specifically support your transport clients. A few examples of our most popular features are: the Electronic Work Diary, the Record Keeper portal, paper logbook checking, fatigue compliance including investigations NCR and performance management, custom forms, Mass compliance.  These features and more, are built and designed into a management platform for our partners to be able to quickly deploy, check and serve their transport industry clients.

Technical Support

We apply our technical knowledge with a collaborative, consultative approach to helping partners. When partners call into our free, unlimited phone and email support, they get someone with the knowledge to investigate, troubleshoot, and resolve questions or problems. Our team also fields calls from end customers where the knowledge required to answer specific questions is best found on the Logmaster team.

Product Development

We’re only as successful as our partners. Our products are designed with partner feedback and the end-user feature requests that are passed on by our partners. The platform allows partners to place and maintain orders while serving their customers in the one environment. This reduces the load on partners, so they can free up time, unlock recurring revenue and provide the best in customer satisfaction to transport companies. Partner feedback is the number-one driver of our product and feature development.  We listen to you and build for you. Our commitment to partners is to continuously innovate; giving you the tools you need to streamline your business while staying on the forefront of the ever-growing transport compliance industry.

Marketing Support

We’ve created marketing and sales collateral that can be used to help Partners close more deals. Take a look at the partner marketing resources.

We Never Compete with Partners

As 100% partner focused, Logmaster does not compete with you. Our mission is to help partners succeed in the transport industry. Naturally, we receive leads from customers wanting to use Logmaster for EWD or wanting information about our Mass compliance. These leads, regardless of size, are always distributed back to our partners.

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