Work & Rest Rules

For Authorised officers conducting a roadside inspection. After the driver hands you their Electronic Work Diary, these same instructions will be present in the Electronic Work Diary as follows.

Please read the compliance instructions before entering the compliance page.

The instruction acknowledgement is at the bottom of the screen to give you access to the compliance page.



The Menu for the compliance page can be found by clicking the 3 lines icon in the top left of the screen

You will be able to navigate to all sections of the compliance from the compliance menu.



The graphical view below will show a table of events. To change day, click the arrows next to the date at the top of the screen. This is standard for any screen that is single day viewable.

If you would like to see more details, click the event and it will pop up with greater details.

At the bottom of this screen, you will see any and all edits that have occurred in this event.


Graphical View

The graphical view is to show a graphical summary of the events, comments, annotations, and any potential non compliances detected.


Investigation Aid

The investigation aid shows all potential non compliances within the diary for the last 28 days.

By clicking an entry, you will be presented with all the details of the potential non compliance.



The annotations page will show all annotations that officers have input in the last 28days for this driver.

If you click the annotation, it will pop up a details window.

To add a new annotation, click the orange ‘+’ symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You will be presented an annotation entry form.

Annotation Flag is for where in the diary you wish to put the annotation.

Time of Intercept is the time and date in which you have intercepted the driver.

Location is a suburb only manual input of you location of intercept.

The annotation field will allow you to put in an annotation text to accompany the event.

Note: once an annotation has been entered, it cannot be edited or deleted.


Report Transfer


The about tab on the screen has the Drivers Profile and details about Record Keeper Location, Base Location, Base Time zone and any accreditations held by the driver.

Below the Driver Profile, you will find the EWD approval details.

The Device log can also be found on this page and will have a full history of the devices used by the driver in the last 28 days.


Officer Support

You will at the bottom of the instructions section, cancel or acknowledge that you have read and understand the instructions given to you in this help page on how to use the Logmaster Australia Compliance System.