Work & Rest Rules

Guide to adding drivers to your Record Keeper Portal #

Begin with any Non-EWD drivers. If you have drivers who are not going to be using the EWD – add them first. They will not need to provide as much account information and will continue to hand in paper sheets for the record keeper. These can be checked via Manual addition of records under their Non-EWD driver account. At any time if the driver chooses to take up EWD, they can be converted and invited with entry of remaining information for the ri account from the Record Keeper Portal.

Contractors need to get their own Solo driver account subscribed before they can be linked to the record keeper portal.  Ask your Logmaster provider for the link to sign up contractors. Provide the link to contractor drivers so they can sign up. Then invite the contractors to link via the record keeper portal at no extra cost to your account.

Add linked drivers once you have provided sufficient information to your employed drivers to prepare them for the switch to Logmaster. They will need to plan a date on which they begin using Logmaster. This includes the decision to use their own device or one provided by the company. Some drivers even prefer to get themselves a dedicated Logmaster device. Ensure your vehicles will have any devices fitted if that is planned. The moment you add your drivers, their email receives an invitation to join and /or link up to your record keeper account.  You can resend the invitation with the paper plane icon.

Drivers who begin using Logmaster will need to retain their paper records for 28 days from the days they begin using Logmaster EWD. On no day should they use both. If inspected during the initial 28 days, the driver should provide both paper and electronic records. After the initial 28 days the driver only needs to present the EWD in compliance mode to an authorised officer.

Drivers should be given adequate training before commencing use of the Logmaster EWD. The Logmaster website training centre provides videos, or your Logmaster provider may also be involved. Drivers need to know enough about the app functions to be able to achieve the same interactions as they could expect from a paper diary including work and rest entry, editing, viewing for potential breach calculations and confirming events logged via the End of Day function. Drivers can choose a day to begin logging any time after they have received their invitation and set up their account.