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Guide to Bulk Upload facilities and setting up accounts #

The bulk upload facility for users requires an appropriately formatted csv based on the template provided via download. It is there to save time on longer lists where manual entry will be a significant time cost. If in doubt and the list is short, use the Add function rather than Import and get each entry perfect one at a time.

For successful Importing of lists, users should upload a csv with no spaces and including only assets that are appropriate for driver logbooks.

Steps for Logmaster point of contact to provide a sound first experience with Bulk Upload

  • Logmaster provider obtains the csv from the portal and emails it to the user.
  • User adds people / vehicles to the list
  • Non EWD drivers are to be decided upon and uploaded first
  • EWD drivers are confirmed as happy to transition to EWD and uploaded (EWD users cannot transition back to non-EWD once in the system due to record keeping obligations)
  • Adding users needs to be done with care: Date of birth should not be confused with Licence Expiry. No duplicate users. Time Zone should be in the format NSW+10:00, NSW+11:00 etc
  • Contractors are invited to link via email – they should have an existing paid account to achieve linking.
  • Vehicle lists are received and checked by the Logmaster provider:
    • Vehicle list should have no spaces, be in csv and only include drivable heavy vehicles.
    • If the csv does not upload properly, open it in Excel and ‘save as csv’ again. Microsoft Excel is good at reformatting csv correctly.
    • If the csv includes vehicle types that are not normally found in Logmaster, create them first via the settings ‘cog’ icon and Add button.


Go ahead and upload the csv, Logmaster will pick up any remaining issues and offer an edit function to add missing details, then the upload will complete.

For record keepers and other portal users who also wish to have a driver account

Create the record keeper account first via User management in the portal. Then create a driver account while logged in using the double arrows icon in the top right.